Friday, February 3, 2012

Target Practice

I swear, the internet at the Mansion is the worst quality ever invented or something. I don’t even…..gah. The internet here sucks, and was(/still is?) down—yet again—for…..I don’t even know how long this time.

Long enough for Ire to notice, and that’s saying something. –Thia

Thia and I are in town, grocery shopping and the like. We are currently at some internet café—and until now I did not know such a thing existed. Sad, isn’t it?

Anyways… training is still going well. Thia had the good sense to stop trying to get me to use throwing weapons after I sliced my wrist open. Now we’ve moved onto guns—which I figured would not end well. Happily though, I have not shot myself—or any of his teammates—and am in fact a crack shot with a 9mm Glock. No really. I am. I shot well with all the guns I tried—and yet Thia still won’t let me shoot any of her sniper rifles. :(

My collection of wounds have all but healed now, which I think is strange. I thought it took people longer to get over cracked ribs and lacerations? I could be wrong, though. I don’t know. Could be a proxy thing.


  1. You might be good with a pistol, but you'll never be better than me and my rifle.

    Wish you luck, keep updated.

    1. You’re probably right.

      Good luck to you too.

  2. Rifles are far superior to handguns, yet you insist on carting around that Glock. You could have at least went with a larger caliber; perhaps Ao would let you use her S&W .500 cal?

    1. For the last time, I am not shooting a 500. It would break my arm.