Monday, January 16, 2012

Days 2, 3, and 4

Day 2—

Day two went significantly better than day one. I tried throwing knives some more, but after I almost hit Thia in the leg—while she was standing behind me—she took the knives away and gave me a tomahawk. I did much better with the tomahawk, probably because it’s heavier and easier to throw. I really like this weapon, but throwing it hurts my ribs.

Day 3—

Practiced with the tomahawk until my ribs hurt, and then switched over to knives. They were bigger and heavier than the other ones, but I still couldn’t hit with them. Thia can’t leave well enough alone.

Day 4—

Throwing stars are evil. Found out the Mansion has its own medical room. I’m banned from throwing anything besides the tomahawk.


  1. So... did you manage to hit someone or did you just cut yourself?

  2. Your font is rather thick. Can you try making it a little bit easier to read? I'd be very grateful.

    1. Weeelllll.....since you asked so nicely....