Thursday, February 23, 2012

I’m on a roof.

Yep. As soon as this Garret walks outside I’m hitting him with a water balloon filled with red colored water. I need to pick up some actual blood afterwards.

Meantime, let me tell you about my day. I woke up in my crappy hotel room, got ready for the day and ect…. Went out, bought breakfast, went to a place close to Garret’s house, ate breakfast, watched Garret (the man is weird, in a completely boring way), and then left to find a convenience store. Once there I acquired the above referenced items—water balloons and red food coloring—and returned to Garret’s house. Then I grabbed a bunch of rocks from Garret’s driveway and climbed onto his roof. There I spent an hour or so making noise every once in a while. Then I got tired of that and started throwing the rocks at various metal things—mailbox, car, dumpster, ect.—in an attempt to lure Garret out of the house so that I might be able to drench him with a water balloon filled with “blood.” Not my most sinister plan but its cold out, and I’m sure that he’ll be at least a little freaked out—or annoyed.

I’m really just wasting time here while I wait, as you can probably tell.

PS: Sorry Ire. I never check my email. Ever.


  1. sadly no "lmfao at all of this" reaction so I'll simply comment it instead. Really shouldn't be commending these actions but they're hilarious

    1. :) Maybe I should replace the “boring” reaction with that.....