Friday, January 13, 2012

First Impressions

*post was meant to go up yesterday, but it never did, for some reason*

I started weapons training today. It was quite the experience, but more about that later. Ao and Thia had planned to start Monday, but then part of the roof caved in and it started raining… was a huge mess. So I spent the week helping clean up the water and fixing the roof—as much as I could, anyway. Cracked ribs and all.

And I just realized that I never said anything about the group and I first meeting, so----

The woods were completely silent as Ire and I walked up the path. As soon as we got to the clearing were the Mansion is located, I noticed a small red dot centered between Ire’s eyes.

“Um, Ire?!”

“That’s just Thia being her usual bitchy self. Ignore it.” He lifted his hand and flipped off the large tower that’s completely separate from the rest of the Mansion. Thia shot a patch of dead grass an inch from Ire’s foot in response. “Bitch.”

The Mansion…..might have been a mansion at one time that got turned into a military base and got left to rot for fifteen years. Ire had to throw his shoulder into the front door to get it to open. “Behold,” Ire said dryly and waved his arm at the whole of the main floor. The Mansion looks just as shabby inside as it does outside.

Ire then walked off with a muttered “Laterz” and left me fidgeting by the front door. Ire is much nicer over the internet than he is in person, by the way. Then Skoll appeared out of freaking nowhere and stared me down. Skoll…… He doesn’t have a mask, but he does have bright yellow eyes that seem to peer into your soul. I stay away from him as much as possible.

Then Thia came in the front door—probably saving me from being eaten by Skoll—and gave me a tour of the Mansion. The Mansion is huge, and though it’s very rundown, it’s also structurally sound—except for parts of the roof and the floor in a couple rooms. Thia is pretty nice—condescending, but still nice--mostly. I haven’t seen her mask yet.

After the tour Thia showed me to Ao’s office/living quarters. Ao is…..hard to describe. She’s intimidating, and a little menacing, but friendly-ish. She’s….a little cold, and cat-like. She’s like a icy feline. Like a leopard—like a snow leopard! There we go. She’s kind of like a snow leopard. Kind of. I don’t know. I ramble. Her mask is freaking awesome though. It covers the lower half of her face and her neck and it’s shaped like a pair of monstrous jaws, complete with teeth.

As soon as we opened the door, she sprang up from her couch, stalking over to us. “Greetings, Coyote. As you may have guessed, I am Ao. Again, my apologies for leaving you on your own for so long." She loomed over me. “You have amnesia, I take it?” Thoroughly intimidated, I nodded. “Pity. It’s so much easier to train someone who already knows what they’re good at, even to a small extent. I trust you’ve met everyone? Excellent. Shall we go to dinner?”

And then we went down and had dinner, where Skoll thankfully ignored me, Thia fought with Ire, and Ao talked to me and kept an eye on Thia and Ire at the same time. It was nice.

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