Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So I was finally found today. Not uh……Not quite sure what to make of my fellow teammate here….

After a long day of pick pocketing--addictively fun--and running around town--gotta love parkour--I returned to my hotel room to find a man who looks to be in his early 30s sprawled out on the bed watching Batman. The man has unnaturally bright red hair—obviously dyed—and an unusual fashion sense--black butcher’s apron, black fingerless gloves, dark sunglasses, and an extremely odd scarf-like mask that only covers the bottom half of his face.

When I walked into the room he pulled down his 'mask' and glanced at me. “You the new recruit?”

“Um…. Yes? My name’s Coyote.”

“Fucking finally. Do you know how hard you were to find?”


“Not very. You are however very forgettable.”

“So… DID forget me.”


“You forgot me twi—why do you have a rusty saw?”

He tapped the saw against his boot. “One of my preferred weapons of choice.”

“I’m going to assume your name is Ire.”

He hmmed an affirmative and looked utterly bored. “That a whip?”

“Yeah. Technically it’s called a sjambok.”

It looked like he rolled his eyes then, it was hard to tell because of his glasses. He muttered something that sounded suspiciously like “kinky” and turned his attention back to the tv.

“So what now? Where’s the rest of the group?”

He lazily swung his saw at me, causing me to step back beyond his reach. “Tv. Watching….”
He ignored me for at least an hour. After a while I gave up on getting any answers and sat down on the couch (as far away from Ire as I could get). Eventually he said that we would leave sometime tomorrow to join up with the rest of the team….group….whichever it is.

I can hear Ire snore as I type this. I would love to get some sleep too, but I suspect that Ire might wake up and kill me in my sleep just for the hell of it.


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  2. I' m so glad you're finally found! You alright?
    Nothing bad going on?

  3. So am I. Yeah I’m ok. Ire unnerves me, but he hasn’t tried to kill me (yet).

  4. Killing you is too much of an effort.

  5. Welcome, Coyote. I apologize for making you wait so long. I look forward to our meeting.