Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holly Hell

Wow. I mean just……wow.

Ok, so Ire and I arrived at our group’s base—called the Mansion—this afternoon.
Er--last afternoon, since it’s 5:30am. I really should describe the Mansion and talk about what happened when I met everyone but……I don’t feel like it right now. I’ll do that after Christmas.

Right now……right now I only want to talk about the Mansion’s Christmas decorations.

I am told Thia was in charge of the decorating. The way she decorated the house can only be described as morbidly festive. The outside of the Mansion is decoration-free, but the inside……. Black candles on the table and fireplace mantel, skulls with red and green lights for eyes, entrails with a string of Christmas lights inside them wrapped around the staircase banister, red internal organs decorating the Christmas tree……
The Christmas tree is essentially a giant stick decorated with various human(?) organs and topped with what I think is a heart. I know it sounds horrible, but somehow Thia managed to make it all look really good.
There’s also skeleton hung from the chandelier with a noose made of Christmas lights, and a wreath attached to a deer skull over every doorframe, but my favorite has to be the complete deer skeleton wearing a jingle bell collar.

Deep down I know I should be grossed-out, but I can’t bring myself to feel anything other than impressed.

It looks like we’ll be having a small feast today. I should try to get some sleep. Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Merry Christmas, Coyote. :)

  2. Wow... I knew Agents were fucking disgusting but... wow...

    No offense man.

  3. Purple Butterfly 11- :)

    North- None taken. It really is quite disgusting.

  4. Happy new year Coyote

    I'm glad to see that you were finally found. I hope that all goes well with your group

  5. huh.

    am i shocked? no.

    am i impressed? hardly.

    merry christmas. not that you guys give much of a fuck about being jolly. but ya know.


  6. Nice to see someone appreciates my work.

    Not impressed, OB|SERVE|ATION? Well then, I’ll just have to do better next year ;)

  7. KnitWolf- Happy New Year!
    Thanks. Things are going well so far.

    OB|SERVE|ATION- A few of us do care about being jolly, actually. Well.....two of us, at any rate.

    Thia- You made the Mansion look good. :)