Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Um, hi. I am a follower of the Tall One-better known as Slenderman. I was recently brought into His service-no idea how that happened, it all gets a tad fuzzy when I try to remember. But that’s ok. I am looking forward to serving under His command and making Him proud.

I am……not sure where I am. You see, I woke up in the woods six days ago and have no idea how I got there. I remember……running from a black dog. I think. Everything is so fuzzy.
Anyway-I woke up in the woods with only my beloved sjambok and an unfamiliar cell phone. The cell had only one contact, so naturally I called it. The person-who refused to give me her name-said that I was supposed to be the newest member of some group or squad or…….whatever. She said the rest of the group would join up with me before the week was out, and to make a blog to help get in contact with them. She also mentioned someone named Ire, but the phone died before she could say anything else.

So I guess I’ll just wait here for them to come get me.

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