Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Huh, phone.

“If the phone died then how are you blogging?”

Well-I uh, I stole another phone.

After the original phone died I wandered around for a couple of days, looking for someone. Anything. Finally found my way out of the woods and into a small town. Found out where I am. Still no clue how I got here. From what I can remember, I live(d?) in Colorado. This is certainly not Colorado. I’ll ask my allies about it when they find me.

The little town is almost deserted. I only saw two people-a short woman with a strange insignia on her coat and a taller woman dressed in all black. The short woman was definitely military, but the taller woman had a phone……. Me being desperate, I decided to “borrow” her phone so I could get in touch with the rest of my group.

That really pissed them off.

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